In A Queer Voice

Sadowski deftly brings the voices of LGBTQ youth out into the open in his poignant and important book, In a Queer Voice.

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Sadowski deftly brings the voices of LGBTQ youth out into the open in his poignant and important book, In a Queer Voice. Drawing on two waves of interviews conducted six years apart, Sadowski chronicles how queer youth, who were often silenced in school and elsewhere, now can approach adulthood with a strong, queer voice.

Praise & Reviews

In a Queer Voice joins the series of books that have set out to correct our perception of ourselves by giving voice to those among us who have been driven into silence…the queer voice [Sadowski] asks us to listen to spurs a reconsideration of what it means to be human.”

From the foreword by Carol Gilligan

“In this thoughtful study, Sadowski profiles six young people whom he interviewed in their adolescence and then revisited several years later to see how they transitioned from their early isolated…insular silence regarding their gender or sexuality to their ‘queer voices’ of strength, optimism, and defiance…. An intellectual complement to the ‘It Gets Better’ project, this works as both a moving human document and a springboard for discussion and research in human sexuality, psychology, sociology, and linguistics.”
—Library Journal

“The book gives textbook examples for teens that it really does ‘get better.”

“(A) valuable call to action….In a Queer Voice effectively elevates the professional discourse on LGBTQ youth.”

“(An) ambitious and illuminating new book…. The stories in this book are compelling and very much worth the attention of anyone, including educators, parents, mental health professionals, and policy makers, with an interest in the well-being of youth, and LGBTQ youth in particular. In its emphasis on listening to these young people, and connecting to their autobiographies, the book also embodies what might be the most helpful prescription for therapists or other professionals working with this population, creating a space where they can share their life stories in all of their vulnerability, passion, and resilience.”
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health

“With graceful writing and delicate ethics, In a Queer Voice chronicles the lives-in-motion of queer young adults over time. . . . The young people interviewed, drawn from urban and rural communities, challenge gender and sexuality binaries as they provoke in readers a radical imagination for a politics of sexual justice.”
—Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York